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Nickie Dabarbie Shares Drug Text Result As A Proof l

“I Don’t Feel Safe”: Nickie Dabarbie Post Proof of Drug Test, Medical Report Goes Viral.

Nickie DaBarbie, a Nigerian lifestyle influencer, has released proof to back up her claims that singers Skiibii and Mayorkun drugged her a few days ago.

She intensified her accusations and claimed that her life was in danger in a string of tweets that she posted on social media.

Nickie shared a medical text results proving she had consumed a significant amount of Indian hemp as evidence that she had taken a drug test.

The contentious legal dispute between artists Skiibii and Mayokun and social media personality Precious Kingsley, also known as Nickie DaBarbie, doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

A few days later, the social media lifestyle influencer said that Skiibii and Mayorkun had sedated her in an attempt to use her for a ritual. She has provided more evidence to confirm our allegation.


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A few days later, the social media lifestyle influencer said that Skiibii and Mayorkun had sedated her in an attempt to use her for a ritual. She has offered further proof to back up our claim.

Nickie shared a report from a medical examination about the extraterrestrial materials in her bloodstream on her Instagram feed.

Lifestyle influencer Nickie DaBarbie posts her drug test report confirming a high quantity of hashish in her bloodstream<br >Photo credit nickie dabarbieskiibiiSource Instagram

The findings of the report indicated that Nickie Da Barbie’s blood had a significant amount of Indian hemp. It did not, the study claimed, contain any further alien content.

Mayorkun, Skiibii, is allegedly stalking Nickie.
Nickie stated that her life was in danger in her message. She posted a video of herself with her security guards, who noted that several males had come looking for her.

Nickie DaBarbie requested assistance from the EFCC, Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency, and Nigerian police force.

She said that because Skiibii, Mayorkun, and their allies have been stalking her, she doesn’t feel safe and requires legal protection.

Reactions trail Nickie Da Barbie’s post

Here are some of the comments that trailed her post:


“What was her expectation?”


“somebody that is mad.”


“If no be say life get as e be …watin 22 years old pikin Dey find waka waka to enter this kind saga . Let me sha Go and thank my parents for doing a great job.”


“Obviously you got high on something and the test results has revealed it, but no one tried to kill you, them cannabs made you paranoid!”


“When she said SPIRIT left her body I knew it was weed. I have experienced it before when sm1 gave me that brownies to eat, I saw my spirit leaving my body. that thing is mad .I didn’t know before I ate it. when I saw the videos of me misbehaving the next morning, I pitied myself.”


“Na colos talk be this na.”


“Nawa oo. Ogbenutan ooo!!”


“It’s a wrong to give someone cannabs without their consent, Niggur what are you trying to achieve???”


“Where did you see positive. Na DNA test.”


“Cocane negative, heroine negative, cannabs positive marliannn!”


“Hmmm! It is well cause if person talk now them go wan eat you raw for comment section. Pele Nicki God will be with you.”

After landing at the hospital, Nickie DaBarbie
Shortly after she claimed that Skiibii and his accomplices had attacked her, the sighting of a video showing the lifestyle influencer obtaining medical attention at a hospital was available on the internet.

As she was filming Nickie, a nurse could be seen suturing some injuries on his hands.

She was again on the streets a short while later, this time on Instagram Live, where she kept claiming that Skiibii’s boys were after her and that her life was in danger.

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