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Precious Ofurum’s Family Abandons Corpse At River Bank

Precious Ofurum’s Family Abandons his corpse by the river bank after raising 11.2 millions naira.

Jnr. Pope: Traditionalist Claim: Family of Crew Member Refuses Precious Ofurum’s Corpse After Gathering N11.2m

The family of one of the crew members, Precious Ofurum, who perished in Junior Pope’s boat disaster is reluctant to carry their son’s remains

Whitney&Spencer revealed that the late sound engineer’s mother, who worked on Adamma Luke’s jinx movie, begged the authorities to assist in returning her son’s body home.

Prophet Jeremiah Gives N10m To Precious Family.

The father of the deceased looked for a different way to bury his son without taking his body out of the Anam River after Precious’ parents received N11.2 million from worried Nigerians.


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According to reports, Precious Ofurum’s family, a crew member who perished in Junior Pope’s boat accident, has refused to have their son’s remains carried.

Before, Whitney&Spencer revealed that the mother of the deceased had pleaded with the Rivers state government to help reroute her son’s body back in a video that film producer Stanley Ontop had shared.

The old woman said that her son’s landlord in Asaba had complained about his ghosts bothering them.

Stanley Ontop, who has been following this case closely since the well-known actor passed away, disclosed in a recent post that Pastor Jeremiah, the senior priest at Mercy City, gave the family N10 million, and that he personally raised N1.2 million through internet donations to help.

A family member contacted to say that Precious Ofurum’s parents were probably not interested in coming to Anam River today, April 23, to take his corpse.

This family member claims that Precious’s father adheres to traditional values. When he went to a native man’s house to get a calabash, the man informed him that he had called upon the ghost of his son inside.

In addition, the traditionalist gave them the command to bury the calabash in place of their son’s corpse.

Stanley added that while the River state administration has shown worry for Precious’ family, as of right now, the young man’s body is the only one remaining from the horrific marine tragedy in Anam River.

Reactions trail Stanley Ontop’s reports

TheTalk.NG compiled the reactions below:


“Wooow! This is preposterous.”


“But the father said it’s forbidden even before the donations.”


“I trust the pastor he will ask them to return the money since they don’t want to use it for the purpose.”


“Omo so, they have forgotten there son just because of money?”


“See why people don’t help people anymore.”


“Poverty is a dis*ea*se. Imagine parents fighting over Money instead of fighting to bring their son’s body home.. God.”


“Just imagine, thought the mother said she needed support to exhume the body of their son so he could be buried in his home town Rivers State..de don see money na , his spirit no dey disturb again , tufiakwa.”

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