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Hilda Dokunbo Goes Hard On Mercy Chinwo In A New Post

“You ‘II Eat Blood Wen U Bite Fingers Dat Fed U”: Hilda Dokunbo Directs Cryptic Post to Mercy Chinwo.

Days after a music producer offered an interview regarding her, Hilda Dokunbo released a mysterious post that she addressed to gospel musician Mercy Chinwo.

Hilda Dokunbo posted a picture of Chinwo wishing her former record label boss a happy birthday in a 2018 post.

Without providing more information, Dokunbo stated in the post’s description that the individual who bites the finger that fed them will consume blood as food.

Due to a mysterious remark she made aimed at gospel singer Mercy Chinwo, Nollywood actress Hilda Dokunbo has left her admirers perplexed.

  • Due to a mysterious remark she made aimed at gospel singer Mercy Chinwo, Nollywood actress Hilda Dokunbo has left her admirers perplexed.

According to a post on the internet, a man going by the name of Dr. Roy claimed in an interview that the gospel singer failed to assist her when his father was ill. Later on in his story, he clarified that he was speaking to Eezee Tee, the owner of the record label he worked for.


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A few days following the call-out, Hilda Dokunbo posted something disparaging about Mercy Chinwo. She said that the victim of biting the finger that fed them would consume blood. She sent Eezee Tee a birthday message that Chinwo wrote in 2018, wishing him a happy birthday.

#Hilda Dokunbo throws shades at Mercy Chinwo. Photo credit @mercychinwo/@hildadokunboSource: Instagram

Dokunbo discusses the misuse of authority.
The actress, who ran for office in the previous year, stated in the caption of her picture that many people would assume they know someone until they become well-known and wealthy.

Fans’ responses to the post
Reactions have followed the actress’s post. Listed here are a few of the remarks:


“No be every topic you go jump into ma. She started off with this man in 2017 and later discovered that he was ripping her. You want her to keep staying in that label? Common sense will tell anyone to flee from people who take advantage of them.”


“Mercy is a every greedy person those inside gospel music industry can attest to this she wants to shine alone.”


“Been waiting for you to talk because I know you know all.’


“Ma’am, you’re dragging the wrong person. Mercy isn’t the one dragging eezee . That dude on honest bunch is. Making this post isn’t right at all and it’s very disappointing.”


“The funny thing is she has not called out this guy for once, neither has he called out Mercy. They have both acted well and I have been proud of them so far.”


“Am I the only one that doesn’t understand what is happening? Happy birthday senior, weyin dey there? Anything wrong with the message?”


“But she has completed her contract with him nah, watin Una want from her again.’


“No weapon formed against mercy shall prosper .”


“I wouldn’t say anything because none of us know the truth of what happened.’


“So make she shout up and make they ripe her finish Mama you no try for this one.”

Labour Party gives Hilda Dokunbo appointment
TheTalk.NG had reported that Dokunbo got a mouth-watering appointment with the Labour Party last year.

She was made the head of a three-person steering committees for the Rivers state chapter of the political party.

Comrade Julius Abure made the appointment after dissolving the former excos of the party.

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