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Haiti: Fear Of Coup Looms As Warlord Barbecue Besieges City

Haiti: Fearing a deadly coup, Haitian warlord “Barbecue” gives gangs orders to “burn every house you find” and storm the presidential palace.

A new wave of violence has devastated the capital of Haiti, with warlord Barbecue ordering his thug army to “burn every house you find”.

Fearing they are planning a bloody coup, vicious gangs are burning, stealing, and killing their way toward the presidential palace, sparking gun clashes in the heart of Port-au-Prince.


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According to officials, gangs that have previously engaged in conflict have taken control of 90% of the capital and have only recently come together to ignite fresh bloodshed at the end of February.

Two voice recordings that have gone viral on social media purport to show warlord Barbecue giving the order for his forces to set fire to homes in Lower Delmas, a destitute neighborhood of the capital where he was raised.

Haiti, What You Need To Know About The Crisis.

“Keep setting the houses on fire. In the opening audio clip, a man says, “Make everybody leave.”

In another, he claims to have provided gas jugs, saying, “You don’t have to know which house. Set fire to every house you come across. Light the fire.”

Local radio station Tele Galaxie said that the neighborhood had become “a battlefield between police and armed gangs,” and residents stated that houses were on fire.

In the meantime, Barbecue had long had his sights set on the National Palace, where there had been reports of heavy firing.

His thugs have been capturing neighborhoods one by one as they advance toward the president’s heavily guarded official mansion for weeks.

The crime lord of Haiti who got his reputation by burning people alive, threatened to unleash more carnage by the end of the month.

Barbecue has blocked its port and airport and assisted in launching ruthless, well-planned attacks on police stations, public buildings, and state facilities thus far this month.

Warlord Barbecue of Haiti orders foreign forces to retreat and threatens “more bloodshed coming” in the “world’s most dangerous city.”
Ariel Henry, the acting prime minister, is the target of the governing gangs’ siege of the capital, but because he agreed to stand down, attacks on the capital have only increased.

The ruthless Barbecue has previously stated that he would be open to peace discussions, political negotiations, and a ceasefire—as long as he and his gangs are involved.

However, experts claim he is fighting for total dominance over the 11 million-person tiny island nation in the Caribbean.

The gun-wielding thugs had taken control of the State University Hospital next door and used it as a base of operations for their plan to seize the palace.

After three years of political unrest, a new administration is expected to be installed with the help of a transitional council, which coincides with the most recent violence.

What’s happening in Haiti?

A state of emergency has been in place in Haiti since March 4 due to gangs with heavy weaponry besieging the capital in a bid to overthrow the government

In Port-au-Prince, which is experiencing a full-scale civil war between over 200 violent gangs, a feeble police force, and now, citizen-led death squads, bodies are piling up on the streets.

Amidst the chaos and mayhem, numerous accounts exist of homicide, sexual assault, arson, and abductions, as the formerly rival gangs have somewhat come together to spearhead coordinated assaults.

Early in March, Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier, the head of G9, the strongest gang alliance in Haiti, stated that the vicious gangs in the country had united to remove Ariel Henry, the interim prime minister.

Famous for burning his victims alive, Barbecue has been involved in attacks that have paralyzed the nation, including on the main airport, the two biggest jails in the nation, gasoline depots, and police stations.

In addition to becoming stuck overseas, PM Henry decided to resign on March 11. However, the violence persisted.

Instead, the gangs have reportedly taken over 90% of Port-au-Prince as a result of their attempts to take advantage of the disarray and seize more territory.

Half of Haiti’s population struggles to feed themselves, there are street gun conflicts, and people have locked themselves in their homes.

The nation is reeling from a wave of violence that has left hundreds of thousands of people homeless and thousands dead.

The little Caribbean island is currently on the verge of collapse, according to the UN.

Haiti is besieged.

Rival groups have been tearing apart Port-au-Prince for over two years, turning every day into a struggle for survival.

However, since armed gangs stormed a prison at the end of February, freeing over 5,000 prisoners and demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, Haiti has been shaken by a wave of turmoil.

A rudimentary police force, over 200 gangs, and, more lately, citizen-led murder squads have erupted into an all-out civil war in Port-au-Prince.

During the bloodshed, the state has mainly stayed silent, and Haiti’s outgunned and undermanned police force is ill-prepared to take on the gangs that want to take over more of the country’s capital.

Henry asked for an international security mission in 2022; plans for this mission are still pending the election of a new government.

However, citizens have been caught in the crossfire as the Caribbean island struggles under a state of emergency, resulting in thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of displaced people.

According to UN estimates, millions of people are starving and over 360,000 people are internally displaced as a result of the blockade of vital ports and supply lines.


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