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Oh My Gosh, Kylie Jenner Broke? Why Is She So Desperate?

Kylie Jenner, who is allegedly going through a financial crisis, is desperate to release new products.

It seems like Kylie Jenner is under pressure to introduce new goods so she may continue to live a lavish lifestyle.

The beauty mogul Kylie Jenner may be going through a financial crisis that fans didn’t anticipate, which would explain why she’s been releasing and marketing new items left and right. Kylie Jenner has supposedly been on the verge of becoming a billionaire for years.

“Kylie has expensive tastes,” a source explained to In Touch. “She wants the best of everything — and usually gets it.” However, they warned, “She doesn’t have as much money as everyone thinks.”

As Kris Jenner filed a patent to protect her name rights, she became the most recent member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to debut a fashion line.


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According to the insider, unless Kylie starts bringing in more money, she might be on the verge of financial collapse if she continues to spend the way she is. Thus, if Kylie keeps bleeding money,” they warned. “She could end up going broke.”

“Whether she can come up with money to do that,” they went on. “It remains to be seen. She may have to find new ways to generate cash.”

Kylie Jenner, who has a tequila company, followed in her older sister Kendall Jenner’s footsteps and debuted her own line of vodka seltzers earlier this month under the name Sprinter. Compared to her past endeavors in fashion and beauty, Kylie’s first venture into the culinary market is a significant step.

However, the reality star demonstrated her continued dedication to Kylie Cosmetics when the company unveiled Cosmic, its debut fragrance. The brand supposedly has a value of $1.2 billion, although in 2019 Kylie sold Coty Inc. a majority interest in her business for $600 million.

Additionally, with the announcement that a denim line, Drop Give, is on the horizon, Kylie is growing her new clothing brand, Khy. Kylie advertised the new collection with a topless photoshoot, while wearing two pairs of oversized jeans. Khy only launched last October, but has already had four collections drop before this, with the first one selling out almost immediately.

Naturally, Kylie is presently working on a number of new ventures that should increase her net worth. That likely explains why she has started so many projects one after the other: despite rumors that she might not be able to support her lifestyle, she has to expand her empire.

After more than a year on the market, Kylie recently reduced the asking price for the California mansion she purchased with Travis Scott, probably in an effort to find a buyer quickly. As a result, she will probably receive a few million dollars when the property finally sells. Given that work on her enormous estate is apparently almost finished, the timing couldn’t be more ideal.

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