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Venita Akpofure Responds To Vee For Calling Her A Fool @ 40

Venita Akpofure responds after Vee Iye calls her a “fool at forty” regarding Neo and Beauty’s romance.

Venita Akpofure left a mysterious message on the necessity for people to learn to move on from their past and move on.

Reality TV personality Venita Akpofure responds to Vee Iye’s remark labeling her a “fool at forty.”

Shortly after Vee made hints about her new love partner, Venita liked a critical tweet about Vee, which sparked the argument. A picture of Vee’s ex-boyfriend Neo Akpofure with his new partner Beauty prompted accusations that Vee was showing off her new relationship.

In response to Vee’s statement, Venita emphasized that she was powerless to alter the past and asked Vee to let go of it.

BBAlumni of Naija Venita Akpofure responded to her colleague, Vee Iye made a comment labelling her as a ‘fool at 40.’,


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The argument started when Vee posted a picture of her unknown love partner on Twitter, implying that she was dating someone new. Venita then liked a derogatory remark directed at Vee.

A cute photo of Vee’s ex-boyfriend, Neo Akpofure, with his new girlfriend, Beauty, sparked claims that Vee was showing off her new relationship.

The mother of two took to the X-Platform to respond to her colleague’s remark that she was a “fool at forty,” asking her to forgive and forget the past.

In her words:

“I’m not Jesus. I cannot perform miracles and I cannot raise Lazarus from the dead. Namaste 🙏🏽. The past SHOULD stay exactly where it belongs…in the very stiff back.”

See the tweet below:

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In a related development, Venita Akpofure informed her followers that prior to her time on the well-liked reality TV program BBNaija, she had achieved success in the entertainment sector.

She disclosed that although the reality show’s producers helped them, they did not aid in her rise to fame.

This was expressed in her first song, “Gen Z Cypher,” a collaboration with Magnito, which was posted to her X account.

“I made it before Big Brother. No be Biggie help me, we dey help each other. Small girls babbling, I don’t even bother. “Dem no get experience, they never cross border,” Venita said.

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