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ECOWAS Claims To Spend $26m On Humanitarian Acts In Africa

$26 Million Spent on Humanitarian Activities in Just Two Years, According to ECOWAS

In order to manage catastrophic circumstances, the West African Regional Bloc, or ECOWAS, claims it is placing a strong emphasis on crisis management and prevention.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has revealed that it spent more than $26 million on humanitarian efforts in West Africa between 2023 and 2024.

The regional organization added that it also provided $100,000 annually to each sport federation in the area.

ECOWAS Commissioner for Human Development and Social Affairs, Professor Fatou Sow Sarr, stated at a press conference on Friday in Abuja that the regional organization provides $50,000 to startups in scientific innovation and $5,000 to youth innovation.

According to Sarr, thirty young people from the area received instruction in master’s and doctoral programs for a total of $700,000.


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She also disclosed that the regional body’s humanitarian gesture did not exclude sanctioned nations. She emphasized that the humanitarian sector for displaced people, migration, floods, and other disasters receives substantial funding from ECOWAS:

“Guinea under sanctions received nearly 600,000 dollars in January 2024, namely: 100,000 dollars for the fire at the oil depot and 499,390 dollars for the floods,” she said.

“In 2023 for floods and nutrition out of a total of 8.5 million people affected, ECOWAS provided support to half of the victims, or 4 million people, for an amount of $12.6 million,” Sarr stated on the displaced people within the region.

“In 2024, ECOWAS has released 9 million dollars for internally displaced people, refugees, asylum seekers, as well as for the communities that welcome them (i.e. all 15 countries).

“ECOWAS has allocated $1 million for stabilisation in Nigeria (victims of terrorism, displaced people, injured people, rehabilitation and strengthening community resilience).”

The commissioner also revealed that “Out of a fund of 25 million dollars intended for the fight against terrorism (Nigeria, Burkina, Mali and Niger), ECOWAS has reserved four million dollars for humanitarian actions.”

She explained that ECOWAS places more emphasises on prevention, adding “We have a disaster reduction strategy and tools such as the observation, monitoring and alert center which allows ECOWAS to monitor displaced populations and floods, to anticipate problems. and better manage crisis situations.”

Regarding the initiatives aimed at integrating young people into the community, she stated that the commission focused on volunteer programs, sports, and economic integration.

According to her, “Since 2014, ECOWAS has posted 217 volunteers in the following countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, Burkina, Benin.

“ECOWAS works to promote the spirit of volunteering among young people to give them opportunity for professional development, enhance their civic engagement and foster their conscience for community service.”

She added that ECOWAS provided $100,000 annually to the sports federations in each of its member states.

The union of deaf sports associations and university sport development organizations were among the numerous athletic endeavors and union-sponsored organizations that Sarr mentioned. Lagos-Abidjan 2012; Lagos-Acccra 2010; ECOWAS cycling excursions

“The Ecowas Game Event that included 5 to 6 sports disciplines were organised in 2009 and 2011,” she added.

She also said ECOWAS supported the Entrepreneurship project and youth mentoring Business incubation project.

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