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Korra Obidi Is A Bastard – Comedian Ebiye Fumes

“You are a b@st@rd” – Comedian Ebiye slams Korra Obidi Following ex-husband’s accusations.

Comedian Ebiye criticizes Korra Obidi in light of the charges made by her ex-husband.

Comedian Ebiye has attacked dancer and artist Korra Obidi on the X-platform, saying that she cheated on her husband Justin Dean.

In response to the proof that Korra’s ex-husband presented, comedian Ebiye called Korra Obidi a bastard and ridiculed her.

After her ex-husband revealed some startling details about their previous marriage, comedian Ebiye has criticized Korra Obidi.

Korra Obidi Slept With Her Friend’s Fiance While Pregnant


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Remember how Korra’s ex-husband, Justin Dean, revealed shocking information about their relationship on social media a few hours ago?

In his admissions, he revealed that Korra had gone to Nigeria and had sex with a married man both throughout their marriage and even while she was pregnant with their child.

Many people, therefore, condemned Korra Obidi for her dishonest and despicable conduct in the comment area.

However, Korra angrily refuted these claims, claiming on her Instagram page that the entire narrative was a complete lie.

She went so far as to say that the evidence had been thoroughly manipulated, insisting that she had never behaved in such a way.

However, comedian Ebiye publicly chastised Korra after learning of her denial. He openly denigrated her in his mail by calling her a bastard.

Taking to his X handle, Comedian Ebiye wrote:

“Fuck you Korra Obidi, bastard.”

Not only comedian Ebiye has criticized Korra Obidi, but Nkechi Blessing has also condemned her on Instagram.

Nkechi Blessing voiced her shock and dismay with Korra’s actions in response to the disclosures and screenshots that went along with them.

She chastised women who supported Korra Obidi in this story and denounced the dancer.

“Omo any woman that supports Kora after that text msg, dem suppose s…e am

WTF? Abeg abeg this is all shades of wrong… Hian 5 months pregnant? Hian.”

Others also chipped in their thoughts, One @chyddo wrote: “When a man cry he is considered weak, when a woman cry she is considered strong, this is why you hardly hear a mans side of the story, moving on is not easy for everyone, let him express himself!”

prettytesi wrote: “Don’t know if this is true or not but if it was, he could have presented this in court to get full custody 💁‍♀️.”

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