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Junior Pope: Adamma Luke Speaks On What Really Happened

Adamma: What Junior Pope stated in the river prior to his drowning Luke talks on the final moments of the late actor -VIDEO.

Adamma Luke talked extensively on the premature passing of Jr. Pope and the other four crew members.

Adamma Luke, a movie producer, revealed information on what transpired at Anam River before to the deaths of Junior Pope and four other crew members.

Junior Pope, Nollywood Star, 4 Others Die In A Boat Mishap

She disclosed that Pope asked about the safety of others while staying afloat following the boat’s collision.

Nevertheless, he vanished inexplicably after some time.


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Adamma Luke, an actress and movie producer, sheds light on what happened at Anam River prior to Junior Pope and four other crew members passing away.

Adamma Luke addressed the public on her Instagram page while sobbing uncontrollably about the incident.
Speaking, she disclosed that Junior Pope thought a live jacket was unclean and would not use it.

She listed events that happened prior to Junior Pope’s passing and marked his death as strange.

She claimed that Junior Pope did not instantly sink after the boat crashed, but instead floated and even inquired about the other passengers.

Adamma Luke reported that Pope yelled loudly, inquiring as to everyone’s well-being.

They threw him a rubber as well, she disclosed, so that he might keep himself alive, but eventually they lost sight of him.

She revealed that Junior Pope was missing when assistance eventually arrived, which led to divers entering the water to save victims of the boat accident.

Video below 👇

Reacting, One @kamtodan wrote: “Hmmmm,let it not be that someone on that boat kpaid JP inside the water while they were struggling to survive cos I’m yet to understand why his top was torn like that.”

stellaudeh_ wrote: “This explains it all. Jnr pope probably knows a thing about swimming. At the face of danger, he was looking out for others… Probably, someone must have held on to him for help too… And not every swimmer knows how to also hold on to a drowning person. In split seconds, he probably drowned when another drowning person was holding on unto him. This is so so so sad💔.”

officialfestina_peters wrote: “If true this was what happened, then jp was trying to help someone then got drown in the process 😭😭😭😭.”

esi_mimi wrote: “@adanmaluke after killing those innocent souls you’re here shading crocodile tears??? If u like scatter your hair and slim down we will never forgive you for this act, can you put a brand like mercy Jonson or Destiny on a boat 🛶 to cross that huge river to shoot for you without a life jacket???? You clearly took advantage of the them because they needed money to take care of their families. Take accountability for your actions and stop lying to the world 🌎.”

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