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Argentinean President Splits From His ‘Lioness’ Girlfriend

Due to pressure from work, Argentinean president breaks from his “lioness” lover.

Argentinean President Javier Milei’s “explosive” love life collapsed when he attributed his breakup with his “lioness” celebrity girlfriend to work-related stress.

The libertarian populist was last seen in Miami on Wednesday with 43-year-old Fatima Florez, as riots in Buenos Aires broke out over cuts to public spending in a nation where 40 percent of people live in poverty.

After going public in July of last year, when Milei, 53, declared, “I am very in love,” they boasted of their “exotic” connection with the Argentine actress and comedian.

However, as he declared the couple’s breakup on Saturday, he said that the couple’s clashing schedules had caused too much stress.

He said on social media, “Fatima, of whom I am incredibly proud, has received numerous job offers to work both in the United States and in Europe as a result of the overwhelming professional success that she is experiencing.”


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Argentinean president splits from lioness girlfriend over work pressure

We can’t have the kind of connection we would like as a couple, no matter how much we love each other, because of this and the difficult work the Argentines have given me to do. As a result, we have to live apart.

“Given how much we love, respect, and admire each other, and how much we feel for each other, that is why we decided to end our relationship and maintain a friendship.”

When they both appeared on a well-known talk show in December 2022—two months before she filed for divorce from her then-husband of 22 years—the relationship came to an end, but Florez has not yet given a public statement regarding it.

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