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2027 Election: War Of Supremacy Begins In PDP

2027 Election: War of supremacy begins in PDP

  • 2027: The PDP enters a war of domination

…As Atiku, Wike’s men return to trenches ahead of Thursday scheduled party’s NEC meeting

In anticipation of the party’s NEC meeting on Thursday, Atiku and Wike’s soldiers are returning to the trenches.

A little more than a year has passed since the general elections of 2023. However, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the principal opposition party, is still having difficulty establishing itself. The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) defeated the opposition party in the February 25, 2023 presidential election. In addition to taking home just ten governorship seats in the gubernatorial contest, the PDP was unable to recapture the majority in the National Assembly.

But since the general elections, the PDP has been in constant turmoil due to internal strife, which has greatly contributed to its dismal showing in the aforementioned 2023 polls.

Following the choice of former Delta governor Ifeanyi Okowa as PDP vice presidential candidate, a group of five governors led by Nyesom Wike, a former governor of Rivers State, had a falling out with Atiku Abubakar and the PDP leadership prior to the general elections of 2023.


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Iyorchia Ayu’s removal as PDP chairman was demanded by the Wike group, sometimes known as the G-5 Governors, as a prerequisite for peace.

Even as the former Senate President said he would not step down, Atiku insisted it was not his position to request Ayu’s resignation. As a result, the PDP faced a split house when it went to the polls, which greatly hurt the party.

Soon after the 2023 elections, Ayu lost his position as national chairman after his ward in Benue State expelled him from the opposition party.

However, the former Senate President is currently contesting his removal at the Court of Appeal. PDP Deputy National Chairman (North), Umar Damagum, who took over as interim chairman in place of the former Senate President.

The party is still divided, though, with Atiku’s supporters demanding that the former governor of Rivers be sanctioned for what they perceive to be anti-party actions. The opposition party has continued to be concerned about Wike’s relationship while he holds the office of Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in the APC-led government.

Sunday Sun learned that PDP leaders at the national and state levels are engaged in a power struggle that is impeding efforts to rebuild the party. This is particularly true given that the PDP is unable to convene a meeting of its National Executive Committee (NEC) to make decisions regarding pressing matters due to fissures within the party’s various organs.

A former PDP presidential aspirant, Cosmas Ndukwe, summed up the situation in the opposition party thus: “The problem in the PDP is still widening by the day. They are arguing over who should be the national chairman and who would not be. The camp that will produce the national chairman and the camp that will not produce the national chairman. The camp that will produce the secretary and if the secretary that left to contest in Imo State should stay or would not stay.”

Evidently frustrated with the current situation, former Ogun State governorship candidate Segun Sowunmi filed a lawsuit in Federal High Court Abuja to force the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) to call a NEC meeting.

Bala Mohammed, the governor of Bauchi State and Chairman of the PDP Governors Forum, seemed visibly upset during a recent party event and stated that the opposition party could not afford to have a crisis inside its ranks.

“We are hoping to make sure that we reposition the party, reduce and minimize rancour and division, which have characterized us in the past because of our size and our divergent interests. Certainly, we don’t have the luxury of doing that.

“The country is suffering. There is a lot of hunger and anger, for the third time the country is looking up to us, we cannot continue to be the weeping boys or girls or women.

“We must close rank, give benefit of doubts to each other, give benefit of doubt to the party.. We don’t have the luxury of division,” Mohammed fumed.

Two weeks prior, the PDP NWC declared that the eagerly anticipated NEC meeting would take place on April 18 in a statement signed by Debo Ologunagba, National Publicity Secretary.

Sanctions against individuals suspected of engaging in anti-party actions during the previous general elections, as well as the appointment of a substantive national chairperson for the PDP, are among the matters on which the NEC meeting on Sunday Sun is scheduled to make decisions.

Recall that during a recent meeting with the chairmen of the party’s state chapters, Umar Bature, the PDP’s national organizing secretary, ordered them to send the national secretariat a list of members suspected of engaging in anti-party activities so that the NEC could take the appropriate action.

Wike and Atiku men go back to the trenches again 2027 election

However, the announcement of the PDP NEC meeting—the first in 19 months—had reignited the struggle for dominance between Atiku and Wike’s supporters.

The two sides have retreated to the trenches ahead of the NEC meeting to strategize how to win the struggle for the party’s soul. This time, according to insider sources, the main point of debate is which group would produce the national chairman.

Wike supporters reportedly want Damagum to continue serving as interim chairman, but Atiku’s team is pushing for the appointment of a permanent national chairman from the North Central region, where Ayu is from. Damagum is a native of Yobe State.

According to Sunday Sun, the rekindled fight is over who will dominate the party apparatus in the run-up to the PDP 2025 National Convention and 2027 Presidential Primary. Anticipatedly, in advance of D-day, both parties are planning and organizing relevant parties.

A well-placed party source claims that “everything is about the national convention in 2025 and the general elections in 2027.” The idea is that the person in charge of the current convention will have a say in how it turns out in the future. And the result of that convention will also have an impact on the 2027 competition.

“Basically, the two camps are strategizing and mobilizing ahead of the NEC meeting, so that in the event they are to make nomination for national chairman, they want it from their various camps.”

Some stakeholders had advocated for the NWC’s dismissal prior to the present campaign to remove Damagum and install a legitimate national chairperson.

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