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Film Producer, Adamma Luke Voluntarily Turns Herself In

Jr. Pope: Film producer Adamma Luke voluntarily gives herself up to the authorities

Actor Jnr Pope’s producer, Adamma Luke, has informed the authorities of his unexpected death in Anam River.

Adamma gave a statement and freely turned himself up to the police on April 11, according to SP Tochukwu Ikenga.

Following an incident involving a movie, two boat operators have been arrested and are being held by the police; more cast and crew members will be invited to be questioned.

Jr. Pope: Film producer, Adamma Luke voluntarily gives herself up to the authorities
The producer of the movie where Jnr Pope starred before he and four other people perished in the Anam River, Adamma Luke, has handed herself in to the authorities.

The command’s spokesperson, SP Tochukwu Ikenga, told LIB that Adamma voluntarily turned herself in to the police on Thursday, April 11, and that she had written a statement.


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Ikenga reportedly told LIB that other members of the cast and crew of the movie would be summoned in for questioning, and that two boat operators had been detained and were being held by the police in relation to the horrific tragedy.

He promised not to withhold any information about the occurrence.

In a related news

Over Junior Pope’s passing, director Stanley Ontop is requesting the arrest of Adamma Luke.

Filmmaker Stanley Ontop has demanded the arrest of actress and director Adamma Luke, whose film The Other Side Of Life had late Nollywood actor Pope Odonwodo, also known as Junior Pope, in addition to a number of other actors.

Remember that a mishap on the boat carrying the cast and crew occurred on Wednesday, April 10, at Anam River, Anambra state, resulting in the deaths of some, including Junior Pope.

Stanley says the boat supposed to carry six people, but it carried 15 people. He also talked about how much resources Nigerian filmmakers manage, especially those from Asabawood. And if people make complaints they blacklist them internally.

Furthermore, he said that since no one else on board had a life jacket, except the director and the DOP the boat driver should also be jailed in addition to Adanma.

Stanley’s post regarding the boat incident is below:

A number of online users have responded to Stanley’s article. View a few of the responses below:

@olufunke_a_mo: “The actual question here is where exactly is Adamma the producer.”

@_divine_chidimma: “I was on a set where the crew were stranded on the road at 1 am midnight meanwhile producer don reach hotel. You bring people on your set to risk their lives because of your YouTube films that will not even sell.”

@chizzyblessing6: “No be say na film way go show for cinema on na YouTube film o.”

@_divine_chidimma: “I was blocked and blacklisted on a set because I complained about how an artist on set was treated. Producers everywhere with no sense of humanity.”

@doris.dior.16: “All of them are now producers. Competition and envy. Everybody gets YouTube TV.”

@midey_bella: “On top 1 useless movie many lives gone.”

@johnmorgan5690: “Oga why arrest her? Abeg rest, your own don dey too much. You were nice to keep us updated but you can’t say what will happen. That was life and it happens as painful as it seems, we can’t do anything.”

@official_e_mony: “Like seriously you mean the boat driver is alive ehhh driver nor die passengers die no now something is fishing hmm.”

@empressjudas: “Make them ban the movie for Asaba una own don too much.”

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