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A Judge Rules Against Trump’s Bid, Hush Money Trial To Begin

Judge rejects Trump’s bid and orders that the hush money trial start on Monday.

A New York judge rejected the former president Trump’s request to postpone the proceedings due to “prejudicial” pretrial media coverage on Friday, throwing out one of his last remaining avenues to avoid his impending hush money trial.

Judge Juan Merchan denied the defense’s claims that the overwhelming media coverage surrounding the trial has skewed potential jurors, ruling instead that Monday’s jury selection will proceed in Trump’s trial.

“Defendant appears to take the position that his situation and this case are unique and that the pre-trial publicity will never subside. However, this view does not align with reality,” Merchan wrote in the four-page ruling.

This week, a judge has denied Trump’s request four times to postpone the jury selection process until the very last minute. If successful, the former president would be facing his first criminal trial.

Trump’s attorneys reiterated their appeal to postpone the proceedings until after this year’s election, arguing that the former president could not get a fair trial in Manhattan this year. In an attempt to try to recapture the White House and stop the indictments, Trump has sought to postpone all four of his criminal prosecutions.


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In a motion filed last month, Trump’s attorneys contended that a fair trial was barred by the widespread coverage of his legal troubles, which is only anticipated to grow closer to the trial date. They referenced research in the media and surveys carried out under Trump’s team’s guidance that indicated the majority of Manhattanites already thought Trump was guilty.

In rejecting the request for a postponement, the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) questioned the validity of Trump’s data, arguing instead that it showed the contrary conclusion, namely that a fair group may be chosen through appropriate jury selection methods.

“Defendant simply cannot have it both ways: complaining about the prejudicial effect of pretrial publicity, while seeking to pollute the jury pool himself by making baseless and inflammatory accusations about this trial, specific witnesses, individual prosecutors, and the Court itself,” prosecutors wrote in court papers.

Trump’s legal team also cited statements made by Stormy Daniels, a porn actress, and Michael Cohen, an ex-Trump fixer, two of the state’s major witnesses.

Additionally, the attorneys argued that Trump’s longtime financial gatekeeper, former chief financial officer of the Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg, was unfairly targeted in his own case by the timing of his sentencing on Wednesday for lying. Weisselberg received a five-month term for lying to state attorneys during the company’s civil fraud prosecution.

“[N]o fair and impartial jury can be selected in this County at any time in the near future, including in April of this year. Therefore, the Court should adjourn the trial date until the prejudicial media coverage subsides,” Trump’s attorneys wrote in court papers.

In relation to Cohen’s hush money payment to Daniels, Trump faces 34 counts of falsifying business documents in order to keep the porn star silent about an alleged romance with the then-candidate Trump before the 2016 election. Trump entered a not guilty plea and denied having an affair.

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