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Ruger – I Might Get Stabbed If I Speak – On Fallout With D’Prince

I might get stabbed if I speak – Ruger on fallout with former label boss, D’Prince

Real reason I left D’Prince’s Jonzing World – Ruger

Ruger has talked candidly about quitting D’Prince’s record labe, Jonzing World.

The artist, who quit the company in February 2024, claimed they had grown too accustomed to generating money off of him and had lost interest in seeing him succeed.

Ruger went on to say he wouldn’t go into further detail out of concern about getting attacked.

Michael Adebayo Olayinka, better known by his stage name Ruger, is a Nigerian musician. He expressed gratitude to his previous record company, Jonzing World, for putting him on the map, but stated he was unable to extend his deal because the label did not promote his brand to the extent that he desired.


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He said that D’Prince, the head of his former record label, had abandoned him and was using the money from his music to fund other artists.

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Ruger vented on X on Thursday, April 11, saying he had more to say but was afraid of getting stabbed if he revealed more information about the record company.

He wrote;

“As much as I’m very appreciative of the fact that Jonzing world introduced me to the world, I just couldn’t continue with them because they got too comfortable with the money they were making from me and couldn’t push me further as I wanted to be pushed. Was supposed to renegotiate the contract but I couldn’t imagine 5 years more without action.”

“I complained, I got angry, some people tell me say no be so dem Dey do things. I still go back HQ go collect fake hugs and handshakes.

Nothing still change. I wan mad”

“Dey use my money Dey fund new artist, leaving me in the dark, not being transparent. I just laugh. How e be now?

“Many things to talk but dem fit go wait for me for ikoyi link bridge stab me wotowoto.”

Ruger’s contract expired on February 6, 2024, and he departed Jonzing World.

He expressed his gratitude to D’Prince and Jonzing World in an Instagram post, but he also stated it was time for him to place a wager on himself.

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