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Junior Pope: TC Okafor, An Eye Witness Narrate What Happened

I doused Fanta, ten thousand naira, into the river – A survivor, TC Okafor describes his incredible escape and the final moments of Junior Pope

A courageous actor member on the tragic boat that took Junior Pope’s and other people’s lives, TC Okafor, has come forward to share his incredible story of survival.

Breathing heavily and staring at the screen in shock, TC Okafor described his terrifying near-death experience. He described how, by a stroke of luck, he was able to avoid drowning in the Anam River with others by spraying Fanta into the river and spraying thousands of naira notes.

Nollywood star Pope Obumneme Odonwodo, also referred to as Junior Pope, died in a horrific boat accident. T.C. Okafor, one of the survivors, has described the events leading up to the catastrophe.

He said in the viral video that the person operating the boat was inexperienced, which is what caused the accident.

He said that even though everyone was on board, some people were not wearing life jackets and some were. He threw some crumbs from his snack and some naira bills into the river while traveling, as well as spilling Fanta into the water.


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Okafor remembered clearly Junior Pope’s perplexed question about what he was doing, to which he replied that he was paying respect to the river gods and pleading for safety, which is why he was performing these strange rites.

Speaking during an Instagram Live session, TC said: “Before I entered the boat, the first thing Junior Pope asked me was ‘What I’m I doing?’ And I said I was observing the water people. I can’t pass without sharing something. I have given them Fanta, so I don’t want anything bad to happen to me. Junior Pope agreed.

“While we were going, the boat guy was wearing an earpiece, and Junior Pope was doing a video, I saw a small canoe with fishermen in front and due to his lack of experience, he drove right into the last point of the canoe and we somersaulted.”


On their way back from a filming location, four actors—among them Junior Pope—died when their canoe overturned on the Anam River in Anambra State.

Three further corpses have not yet been located, according to Actors Guild of Nigeria President Emeka Rollas, who verified Junior Pope’s death on Thursday.

Junior Pope, Nollywood Star, 4 Others Die In A Boat Mishap

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