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Jnr Pope: May Edochie Warned Following Junior Pope’s Death (Video)

Junior Pope: “Please be careful” – Fans go into a panic after a terrifying revelation regarding May Edochie is made

The heartbreaking loss of Junior Pope and his fellow cast members in a deadly riverboat accident has left fans and the Nollywood community grieving. Before this disaster, an Oracle had predicted the approaching end of the world and warned of the dreadful repercussions of inaction. Now, in a terrifying video, the same oracle has surfaced, making a shocking revelation about May Edochie that has her admirers deeply alarmed since they can’t bear the thought of anything bad happening to her. They beg her fervently to remain watchful and cautious at all times, lest everyone suffer the grinding agony of unfulfilled prophecy and become haunted by the specter of regret.

The reappearance of a revelation on the untimely death of Junior Pope has sent fans into a frenzy, leading them to watch a plethora of other films that reveal dire predictions about different celebrities and demand serious attention.

Junior Pope, Nollywood Star, 4 Others Die In A Boat Mishap

A terrifying forecast about May Edochie’s safety caused her followers to become terrified. She is one of these well-known individuals.

Aware of how serious the matter is, fans have sounded the alarm, asking May Edochie to proceed with extreme caution in light of the disturbing revelation.


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Renowned Ghanaian soothsayer Karma President has resurfaced in a video, frightening social media with his revelation about Yul Edochie’s estranged wife, May Edochie. This comes after he accurately predicted the death of Nollywood actor Junior Pope.

Since Karma President’s latest warning to Junior Pope about possible spiritual attacks from his own family resurfaced, Nigerians have become focused on him.

The Seer said in a terrifying interview conducted last year that Junior Pope would die in an accident if safety precautions were not implemented.

The soothsayer gives a terrifying prophecy to May Edochie in a recently discovered film, cautioning her to exercise caution in her relationships and surroundings.

He tells her, with a sense of foreboding certainty, to be wary of where she goes for food, drink, and entertainment because evil forces are out to get her.

The soothsayer claims that a menacing gloom hangs over her and that there are people who will stop at nothing to end her life.

He reiterated that the impending attack may take any shape, including poisoning or accidents.



After watching the video, some fans swiftly tagged May Edochie to exercise extreme caution, while others fervently prayed for her safety and that of her children,


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