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Destiny Etiko, Uju Okoli Slam Sarah For Accusing Adamma Luke

Uju Okoli and Destiny Etiko slam Sarah Martins for attributing Junior Pope’s demise to Adanma Luke

Sarah Martins has received advice from Destiny Etiko, Uju Okoli, and others not to put the blame of Junior Pope’s passing on Adanma Luke.

Martins had lamented Junior Pope on Instagram, criticizing the film producer for not providing the facilities required for her “low budget movie.”

Her coworkers retaliated harshly, warning her that it was not the appropriate moment to assign blame.

Actresses Destiny Etiko and Uju Okoli have taken aim at their colleague Sarah Martins for attributing Junior Pope’s death to film star Adanma Luke.

Junior Pope, Nollywood Star, 4 Others Die In A Boat Mishap


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On Wednesday night, Junior Pope’s death was officially declared after multiple attempts at CPR were unsuccessful.

On their way back from the shoot of Adanma Luke’s film Another Side of Life, the actor, Junior Pope and some crew members drowned in the River Niger area.

Sarah responded to Adanma’s alleged carelessness in an Instagram post on Wednesday, claiming that she neglected to supply the facilities required for the production.

She wrote:

“Finally we lost him! Very nonsense low-budget movie trying to raise local standards without providing the necessary amenities! Now we’ve lost a star, a father, a son, a brother, a husband and innocent crew members hustling to feed their families! Adanma Luck you do this one!”

Reacting in the comment section of the post, Uju and Destiny cautioned Sarah against apportioning blame.

“Sarah SHUT UP for Christ sake….haba,” Uju wrote.

“There is time for everything Sara na haba… this is totally wrong,” Destiny Etiko added.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has, in the meanwhile, prohibited its members from serving as Adanma Luke’s casts in the interim.

The guild said on Thursday that Adanma Luke has been barred from filming till further notice and that no actor is permitted to collaborate with her as a producer. The declaration was signed by the national president Emeka Rollas.

The guild also stated that “all films involving riverine areas and boating riding is hereby suspended indefinitely.”

“No shoot on all locations Nationwide on Thursday 11th April 2024. While we keep searching for the bodies of the remaining persons may their souls rest in peace,” the statement added.

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