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Georgina Rodriguez And Cristiano Ronaldo’s Workout Routine

Georgina Rodriguez Flaunts Back Physique as Cristiano Ronaldo’s Daughter Lifts Weights at Gym

Soccer fans are well aware of Cristiano Ronaldo’s toned body and the work he puts in to keep it that way. On social media, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner regularly updates followers on his training schedule. Interestingly, CR7’s drive to be in top physical condition appears to have filtered down through the family. Georgina Rodriguez, his girlfriend, is quite the fitness enthusiast and just shared an update on social media featuring her amazing body. It’s interesting to note that Georgina appears to be teaching her daughter Eva Maria the basics of staying in shape already.

The 6-year-old Eva and Georgina Rodriguez are working out at the gym in a tale that the Argentine influencer shared on Instagram. The model partner of Cristiano Ronaldo looked amazing as always wearing black sports bra and red shorts. She had an amazing body, which the clothing emphasized. Nevertheless, 6-year-old Eva Maria also joined the model. Georgina labeled the photo, “Mom’s favorite,” indicating that she was thrilled with the tiny child’s apparent squat technique.

It’s also important to remember that Georgina is not Eva’s real mother. Cristiano Ronaldo has chosen to keep his name private. However, it appears Georgina is providing Eva with all the maternal attention she requires. In 2017, Georgina gave birth to Alana and a twin boy and girl in 2022. Unfortunately, the boy passed away during her relationship with CR7.

Georgina Rodriguez, a mother of two and thirty years old, appears to be in excellent shape. However, what is the key to Cristiano Ronaldo’s attractive girlfriend’s physical health? The influencer claims that maintaining her weight is largely dependent on following a rigorous diet plan.

What is the daily diet of Georgina Rodriguez?

In a recent interview with “Women’s Health,” Georgina Rodriguez discussed her rigorous nutrition plan. She had a French omelette and a glass of orange juice to start her day. In addition, she pairs this with a cup of coffee. She then engages in a rigorous training session, which she ends with a banana. She also mentioned that she likes grilled vegetables or meat for both lunch and dinner.


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The model makes a deliberate effort to eat healthily. But in her documentary, “I Am Georgina,” she acknowledged that she used to overindulge in unhealthy treats. The companion of Cristiano Ronaldo had a deep love for chorizo and sausage sandwiches. She further acknowledged avoiding Iberian cuisine prepared from Iberian pigs. With such a specific choice of food and intense training, no wonder Georgina boasts of an incredible physique.

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