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5 Largest Container Ships In The World . No 1 Is Amazing

View the list of the world’s five largest Container Ships as of 2024.

Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS) are defined as container ships with a capacity greater than 20,000 TEUs as of January 2024. These enormous ships are essential to multimodal freight transportation because they benefit from economies of scale.

Port infrastructure and engine size are two examples of the constraints they confront. The MSC Irina-class, with a capacity of 24,346 TEUs, holds the record for the largest container ship as of January 2024.

The top 5 biggest container ships in the world as of 2024 are as follows:

MSC Irina


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Launched in 2023, the MSC Irina has a capacity of 24,346 TEUs, making it the largest container ship globally. It’s around 399.9 meters long and 61.3 meters wide, and it flies the Liberian flag. Fuel-efficient technology including large-diameter propellers and an air bubble system to lessen water resistance are notable characteristics. When fitted with hybrid scrubbers, it lowers emissions of carbon dioxide by 3 to 4%. The sister ship MSC Loreto, which is now afloat under the Liberian flag, is the same size and capacity.

OOCL Spain


With a capacity of 24,188 TEUs, Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) debuted the OOCL Spain in 2023. The largest container ship in the world has grown significantly with the addition of this ship. OOCL continues to be a major force in the shipping sector by consistently introducing state-of-the-art ships. These enormous container Ships vessels, which link continents and enable effective and ecological shipping, are essential to international trade.

ONE Innovation


The state-of-the-art container ship ONE Innovation, registered in Liberia, was launched in 2023 and has a capacity of 24,136 TEUs. With dimensions of roughly 399.9 meters in length and 61.3 meters in width, it is one of the biggest ships in the world. Cutting-edge technologies optimize its fuel efficiency, enabling smooth international trading.

MSC Tessa


With her introduction in 2023, MSC Tessa will be able to carry 24,116 TEUs, 112 TEUs more than Evergreen’s Ever Alot. With energy-saving ducting and a hybrid scrubber for cleaner fuel emissions, it set out on its maiden trip in March 2023. Its air lubrication system also lowers carbon emissions by up to 4%.

Ever Alot


Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding built the first 24,004 TEU container ship in history, Ever Alot, which debuted in 2022. A subsidiary of Evergreen Marine Corporation received it in June 2022. Its length is around 399.99 meters, and its beam is 61.5 meters.

These enormous container ships, with their enormous capacity and technical breakthroughs guaranteeing efficient and sustainable shipping, are essential to global commerce, linking economies and enabling trade. They also shape the future of maritime transportation.

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