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Kelly Osbourne hair transformation. PHOTO: KELLY OSBOURNE/ INSTAGRAM

Kelly Osbourne Dumps Purple, Debuts New Hairstyle (Photos)

After sticking to the purple Hairstyle for years, Kelly Osbourne debuts new silver hair.

“Did you hear I have a new look?” Osbourne commented next a picture of her freshly cut hair.

Kelly Osbourne is sporting a fresh hairstyle as she closes out March!

Osbourne, who has worn her hair in a variety of purple tones over the years, changed up her distinctive look to silver.

On Thursday, the mother of one made the big revelation on Instagram. The photo included her playing with stray hair strands while dressed in a pink robe.

“Did you hear I have a new look?” 39-year-old Kelly Osbourne wrote in the caption. The photo featured her hairstylist Laura Rugetti, who reshared it on her own Instagram page, writing, “YAS.”


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Kelly Osbourne has shown no qualms about experimenting with hair length in addition to color, having previously gone for a pixie cut, extensions, and a mohawk.

In April 2014, she said to PEOPLE that she would “never be normal or simple” when it came to her hair, sporting a lavender shoulder-length haircut.

“Basically, my color has become me,” expressed Osbourne. “The first time I dyed it and looked in the mirror, I saw myself, and I felt like me. I’ll never be a natural girl. I’ll never be normal or simple. The most insulting thing someone said to me was to call me ‘beige.'”

Kelly Osbourne rocks a lavender hair color KELLY OSBOURNEINSTAGRAM

“They don’t get that I’m not that kind of girl who will sit there and be like, ‘You [can’t] have the same hair as me,'” she stated in response to a question regarding her feelings toward others who dressed in similar shades of purple. This color isn’t mine; it’s just a part of who I am.”

In late 2022, Osbourne and her Slipknot musician boyfriend, Sid Wilson, welcomed their first child, Sidney.

“Mom life is the absolute best. There was no adjustment period for me because I love it all. The good, the bad, the ugly, I take it all. It’s so much fun,” she told Entertainment Tonight about the toddler in February.

Kelly Osbourne and her son take a photo together KELLY OSBOURNE INSTAGRAM

“It’s given me a purpose in life like nothing ever has. Just getting to watch my little man grow and seeing him become a little person is just, like, it’s gonna make me cry if I keep talking about it,” continued Osbourne.

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