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"Fear men—from your wife to your children's mother." When Ayo Makun sends his wife Mabel Makun a birthday message, it causes a stir.

Ayo Makun Under Fire For Unromantic Birthday Message To Wife

Reactions trails the birthday message of Ayo Makun also knows as AY, Ayo Makun to wife, Mabel.

“Fear men—from your wife to your children’s mother.” When Ayo Makun sends his wife Mabel Makun a birthday messag e, it causes a stir.

Ayo Makun, the box office king and comedian from Nigeria, sent his wife Mabel a birthday message that caused his fans and followers to respond.

According to Whitney&Spencer, Ayo Makun’s non-romantic birthday message to Mabel had stoked further allegations of a marriage conflict between the two of them. The actor-comedian acknowledged Mabel on his Instagram page by labeling her as the mother of his adorable children. This birthday message lacked any romantic phrases, in contrast to his earlier birthday messages where he always wrote kind sentiments for her. The two-parent father continued with a word of prayer for her

Taking to his comment section, many of his fans noted how he has reduced Mabel Makun to the mother of his kids.

One Lorita Blac wrote, “U just remember it’s her birthday and the mother of ur kids? Men. She’s now the mother of ur kids, I dear who no fear men


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One Mide Fab wrote, “From wife to mother of my lovely kids? It is well

Vicky Blinks defending him wrote, “Why are you guys just attacking him, u guys should learn how to mind ur business, u don’t know what happened between them. Na wa for Nigerians o

One Nehy wrote, “Funny how men write birthday messages to wifey

Kamer Matchmaker wrote, ‘Your wife and mother of your kids. No forget one part sir, Happy birthday to Iyawo AY

One Billionaire Autos wrote, “How love fades. Hmmm mother of my kids. My dear, you can do better

Cynthia wrote, “Has it come to this? Wtf

One Psalm Syne wrote, “AY Comedian is she just your baby mama now? Abeg talk make boys know cos she’s too beautiful to be a single mother o.

One I Am Omolele wrote, “May God restore ur home sir”.

Whitney&Spencer reported earlier this year that there appears to be trouble in the marriage between AY, Ayo Makun and his stunning wife, Mabel Makun. The interior designer had alluded to a marital conflict in her cryptic writings, lamenting threats against her life.

Mabel disclosed in a subsequent post that she has had enough of the mental and physical violence she has endured for far too long.

After looking into it more, Kemi Filani discovered that Ayo Makun and his spouse had momentarily stopped following one another on Instagram.

This was unexpected because in November the couple celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, and in December Ayo sang Mabel Makun’s praises.

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