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38 Weeks Pregnancy Journey: Wow, Is This A Human's Tummy?

38 Weeks Pregnancy Journey: Wow, Is This A Human’s Tummy?

“38 weeks of pregnancy Journey” – New mother who welcomed twins shares week-by-week video of her maternity experience

Online hearts were warmed by a video that showcases new mom @colcathybeauty expressing her amazing 38-week pregnancy journey while welcoming twins.

The touching video that @colcathybeauty posted is from weeks thirty to forty-eight of her pregnancy.

As the weeks went by, viewers became enthralled with the pregnant mother’s belly’s noticeable alteration, which highlighted the amazing process of having twins.

New information emerged every week, and fans of @colcathybeauty shared their amazement and delight at the growth of her pregnancy.

The video shows @colcathybeauty enthusiastically announcing the birth of her twins at the 38th week of pregnancy.


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As the expectant mother shared this priceless moment with her followers, the video caught her unbridled joy and pride.

Congratulatory remarks from well-wishers and admirers flooded the video’s comment area as soon as the gorgeous twins arrived.

The video captured the expectant woman’s sheer happiness and pride as she held her newborns, sharing this precious moment with her followers.

The comment section of the video quickly filled with an outpouring of congratulatory messages from well-wishers and fans, celebrating the arrival of the adorable twins.

Netizens Reactions…
@Official Marian256 commented: “Who say woman nor dey try? God please protect every pregnant woman out there.”

@Queen Nafisa said; “My own na twins but I later got a miscarriage.”

@Monjola said; “Congratulations. I pray I experience and enjoy the joy of motherhood in Jesus’ name. Four years of waiting is not a joke.”

@roseflower commented; “Me fearing say Shey the tummy no go burst like this, asking myself say e no dey heavy to carry?”

@peacegold remarked; “If you smiled as soon as you saw the twins gather here. Congratulations.”

@Madepa said; “Wow. 38 weeks!. U did so well. I’m at week 35 now with my twins and I want them out by week 37. My legs cannot hold my bump anymore. So big.”

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