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Timini Egbuson - It's Better To Date A Nigerian Abroad

Timini Egbuson – It’s Better To Date A Nigerian Abroad

It’s better to date Nigerian females overseas than the ones at home, according to Timini Egbuson

“When a Nigerian babe abroad catches you, you’re honestly the catch” says Timini

According to Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson, dating Nigerian women overseas can be a more enjoyable experience for guys than dating them at home.

He made this assertion on the recent episode of Menisms Podcast


“I honestly feel like, and this is me talking from my personal experience, I feel like you’d get a better dating experience from a Nigerian girl living abroad than a Nigerian girl living here,” he began.


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Timini continued to give his justifications, emphasizing the fierce rivalry that Nigerian women have in the dating world.

“My reason is this: Nigerian girls living abroad, London, America or Canada are the minority in the dating pool over there. There are so much more ethnicities, so there are options and I don’t know if the average guy out there is looking for a Nigerian babe to date,” he added.

According to the actor, Nigerian women in Nigeria have alternatives, but because they have less options overseas, their counterparts use dating apps to locate spouses.

“So when a Nigerian babe abroad catches you, you’re honestly the catch and she’d take care of you and she’d be happy to take care of you. A lot of Nigerian girls and a lot of my friends that are baddies, I know that if they were in Lagos they would literally be on their phones checking who to go on dates. But they’re out there on dating sites in another country,” he continued.

Timini concluded by highlighting how Nigerian men with the same values as women abroad are deemed as the prize.

“When they catch a Nigerian man that has the same values as them, that understands their jokes and wants to watch the same shows, you’re the prize. But over here, they have options. Even the ones that aren’t the best looking,” asserted Timini Egbuson

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