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7 Times Rappers Walked Out Of Interviews. (Videos)

7 Times Rappers Walked Out Of Interviews

7 times Rappers walked out of interviews.

In the field, interviews are a vital tool for giving fans a glimpse into the personal and creative lives of artists. Still, not every interview proceeds smoothly. Artists have occasionally left because of unexpectedly intense moments brought up by the reporter-artist interplay. The most recent instance of this was when EST Gee abruptly ended his interview with Bootleg Kev. But he’s only one member of the group. He follows in the footsteps of numerous well-known rappers who have made the decision to decline some interviews rather than take seriously any perceived slight or disrespect.

Gucci Mane On iPower 92.1 (2010)

2010 saw the cancellation of Gucci Mane’s scheduled radio appearance with iPower 92.1. Gucci and the host were discussing the Atlanta rapper’s album and getting him ready for their upcoming conversation before he went on television. But just before they were set to appear, Gucci left the studio when host A-Plus indicated that they would inquire about his relationship with Waka Flocka. After a while, A-Plus went live to clarify the circumstances. “I ask Gucci, is it appropriate to discuss that? “What situation with Waka?” he asked. Additionally, his direct manager ejects him from the studio. And we have around ten seconds left until we resume on the air ” A-Plus recalled

Birdman On The Breakfast Club (2016)


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The Breakfast Club had a brief but passionate interview with Birdman, the co-founder of Cash Money Records, which went viral. After demanding “respect” on his name, the rapper entered the room and went loose with a diatribe full of profanities. Although the estimated duration of the interview was forty-five minutes, Birdman had other ideas. In short, he attacked the hosts for roughly ninety seconds before leaving the room. The incident became a pivotal point in pop culture and gave rise to a ton of memes.

More interviews

Kodak Black On HOT 97 (2018)

Kodak Black discussed his songs during a visit on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning in 2018. Even while the conversation began well, within fifteen minutes the topic turned to his current sexual assault lawsuit. Though Kodak was uneasy about the conversation—especially since the case was still pending in court—Ebro persisted. Still, the rapper was clearly not amused and exited the interview without more ado.

Cuban Doll On No Jumper (2018)

When a rapper agrees to an interview, it’s usually because they want to discuss their work. Anything can happen when things go in a different direction. When Cuban Doll came to interview with Adam Grandmaison in his studio, she was mostly interested in talking about her musical career. But Adam seemed more eager to get his hands dirty in the drama Cuban appeared to be involved in. The question regarding Trippie Redd, Chief Keef, and ex-boyfriend Tadoe’s song “I Kill People” brought the entire conversation to a conclusion after around sixteen minutes. The question set her off, so she walked out of the room.

Nicki Minaj’s New York Times Magazine Interview (2020)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 14: On December 14, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia, Nicki Minaj takes the stage for iHeartRadio Power 96.1’s Jingle Ball 2023 at State Farm Arena. (Image via iHeartRadio, courtesy of Derek White/Getty Images)

Nicki Minaj said that several questions in an interview with The New York Times were quite impolite and insulting. Positive vibes pervaded the interview as Minaj talked passionately about feminism, Instagram, and self-image. When the rapper was questioned about the ongoing rivalry between her labelmate Drake and partner Meek Mill, the conversation took a negative turn. Is there a part of you that feeds on drama, or is it just pain and unpleasantness? the journalist questioned Minaj. The rapper immediately showed signs of annoyance, labeling the journalist impolite and leaving the the interview.


Kanye West With Tim Pool (2022)

Given his antisemitic beliefs, Kanye West has been involved in a number of scandals. When questioned about his meeting with Donald Trump during an appearance for Tim Pool’s Timcast podcast, Kanye launched into a protracted tirade about how certain powerful individuals wanted to destroy his career. Pool agreed, saying, “They have been extremely unfair.” In response, West asked what Pool meant when he said “they,” and he implied that maybe the specifics couldn’t be disclosed live. Then white nationalist Nick Fuentes and Kanye launched into an antisemitic tirade. But Ye got up and left the show just as Pool was trying to give his side of the story.

EST Gee on Bootleg Kev (2023)

The rapper EST Gee, who was born in Kentucky, spoke with Bootleg Kev to promote his upcoming album El Toro 2. Kev tried to ask EST about his past as a football player, but the rapper wasn’t very excited about the subject. Then, EST said that he would rather discuss his album. Kev basically disregarded the rapper’s requests for the interview until he brought up the rapper signing with Yo Gotti. After a while he decided he had enough and left the studio right away.

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