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To kill Hamas Terrorists Israeli Army Disguised as doctors

To kill Hamas Terrorists Israeli Army Disguised as doctors

Watch: To kill suspected Hamas terrorists, Israeli soldiers disguised as doctors raid a hospital.

In a lightning-fast, covert operation, Israeli commandos dressed as nurses and doctors invaded a hospital in the West Bank  and killed three Hamas terrorists

Following the revelation of CCTV footage by Palestinian media, which showed individuals posing as medical professionals and Muslim citizens entering a Jenin hospital while wielding assault guns, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) acknowledged the operation on Tuesday.

Overnight, a group of IDF and police counterterrorism operatives stormed Jenin’s Ibn Sina Hospital and killed two more suspected Hamas terrorists as well as a guy they identified as a Hamas member, according to the Israeli military.

Mohammed Jalamneh, 27, “had contacts with Hamas headquarters abroad” and was plotting a terrorist attack “in the immediate future”, the IDF said.

Mr. Jalamneh had gone to the hospital to visit a buddy who was recovering from injuries sustained in an IDF drone attack on a Jenin cemetery the previous year.


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After entering the hospital and using quiet weapons to shoot the three guys, the undercover commandos quickly fled.

According to anonymous medical staff members cited by the Israeli daily Haaretz, the commandos dressed in disguises arrived to the hospital one by one.

The CCTV footage, released by Palestinian media, appears to show the assault team gathering in an entrance foyer in the hospital at the start of the raid.

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The first two commandos enter the room and stalk across the tiled floor with their shortened rifles elevated. One is a male wearing a white doctor’s coat and a facemask, while the other is a woman wearing a hijab.

A man in medical scrubs stands behind them, one hand holding a wheelchair and the other a weapon.

In total, around a dozen commandos – all either disguised as medical workers or civilians – can be seen gathering in the hospital.

Wearing a long brown robe and a white prayer cap, one man commands the commandos to spread out and protect the doorways and corridors with hand gestures while brandishing a suppressed weapon.

A civilian has been forced to kneel against a wall with their hands raised, and a number of commandos, some of them are wearing hijabs, are practicing their weapons skills on this person in the backdrop.

The civilian takes off their jacket before tying their hands behind their back and placing the jacket over their head as a makeshift hood.

Before moving farther into the hospital, one of the commandos dons a balaclava and sets down bags of equipment.

with a little over a minute, the civilian with a hood has disappeared and the commandos have moved on.

It appears from a second video clip made public by Palestinian media that the three Palestinians’ killing rooms were inside.

The scene opens with two bloodstained chairs and then cuts to a blood-stained hospital bed. The pillow has a bullet hole, indicating that the subject was shot dead on the spot.

Later, the Israeli military published a photo of a handgun they said was recovered during the operation, and it included two extra magazines.

According to reports, ten additional individuals were in the same ward as the attack but were uninjured.

The IDF asserted that Mr. Jalamneh organized a raid attack that was sparked by the October 7 Hamas massacre and that he gave guns and ammunition to Hamas terroristsin an effort to “promote shooting attacks.”

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Mohammed Ghazawi, a member of the Jenin Battalions that are suspected of firing at Israeli troops in the area, and his brother Basil, a supporter of Islamic Jihad, were the two other individuals slain in the raid.

According to a hospital deputy director, Mr. Ghazawi has been in and out of the facility since October following an injury that resulted in partial lower limb paralysis.

International humanitarian law prohibits parties from using hospital garbs or Red Cross signs for military means.

Base for launching terrorist attacks (Hamas Terrorists in question)

The IDF accused the suspects of using the hospital as a base for launching terrorist attacks.

Israel’s special forces have for decades relied on disguises for their operations.

Commandos stormed a hijacked aircraft in Tel Aviv in 1972, killing two terrorists and apprehending two more while disguising themselves as technicians wearing white overalls.

The most well-known incident occurred a year later when commandos dressed as a love couple and entered Beirut wearing dresses, wigs, and handbags with the intention of killing the chief executives of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

The raid, which happened after the Munich Olympics atrocity, featured a teenage Ehud Barak, who would go on to become prime minister of Israel.

For several months, IDF battles with Palestinians have centered around the refugee camp located in the West Bank city of Jenin.

At least 58 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank this year, according to rights groups.

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