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Canada Gave Me A Bad Acne - Nigerian Migrant Says Viral Now

Canada Gave Me A Bad Acne – Nigerian Migrant Says Viral Now

A Nigerian woman with perfect skin bemoans breakouts of acne after moving to Canada

A distraught Nigerian woman revealed how moving to Canada caused her skin to suddenly change.

The woman, known on TikTok as @da_nna, posted a video of her face changing from glowing and flawless in Nigeria to breaking out in acne in her new surroundings.

She attributed the change to her migration to Canada after experiencing this unanticipated alteration.

“POV: Canada gave you bad acne,” she remarked.

Internet users immediately connected to the woman’s plight by discussing their own experiences with skin problems following relocation.


afrocan book

Bola_Money commented: “Experienced it too. Buh it cleared now just use products that would work for your skin.”

Derickrose28 said: “Exactly what I’m facing right now. Damn!!!”

@oluwatunmise said: “Ajeh I thought it was only me if u see my forehead ehhh u will cry for me.”

POEMANCIE reacted: “Same thing am going through right now.”

TwT commented: “Someone told me to drink a lot of water.”

Jay commented: “My own no be face…na my back.”

Big Amopsssss said: “The same thing I’m facing rn.”

@huxo1 reacted: “The extreme cold closed your pores and oil couldn’t seep out. go gentle with dove body wash and cream and you will be ok.”

Watch the video below:

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