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Ogidi Black a popular TikToker allegedly dies from curses

Ogidi Black a popular TikToker allegedly dies from curses

Popular TikToker Ogidi Black who’s notoriously known for insulting people dies from alleged duabo

Social media user Ogidi Black, a well-known TikToker from Ghana, passed away suddenly, leaving the internet community in shock and conjecture.

Although there has been no official confirmation of the reports of his mysterious death, speculation about the circumstances of his passing is rife on social media.

Unverified reports that have been making the rounds on social media claim that Ogidi Black met his untimely demise as a result of being cursed for his controversial and caustic remarks directed at innocent people.

Rumors have it that the TikTok sensation suffered consequences for his intentional insults, and that his attackers’ curses contributed to his death.

According to rumors on TikTok, Ogidi Black’s alleged curse may have originated from his violent and offensive content.


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Unverified reports state that he first thought kidney failure was the cause of his health decline, only to learn later that his life was in grave danger.

The social media star, Ogidi Black, from Ghana, who rose to fame for posting amusing and sometimes contentious content, was allegedly at the center of a growing whirlwind of paranormal rumors.

The internet community is ablaze with speculation and conversations regarding the possible repercussions of his acts, even though the precise circumstances surrounding the purported curse are still unknown.

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