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Mohbad's father and wife, Wunmi's old video sparks reactions

Mohbad’s father and Wunmi’s old video causes a stir online

“What really went wrong?” – Mohbad’s father and wife’s heartwarming bond in old video sparks a trail of wonder

Nigerians are perplexed, wondering what went wrong in their relationship, after a video of Mohbad’s Father and wife—who are both currently fighting—surfacing again and showing them bonding sweetly.

Following Mohbad’s death, the late singer’s father and spouse have been at odds with one another verbally, making harsh accusations against one another in a number of open interviews.

The recent resurfacing of an old video featuring the late singer Mohbad’s wife and his father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, showing them getting along well, shocked Nigerians.

Since Mohbad passed away on September 12, 2023, his father has frequently voiced his complaints about Wunmi in interviews, bringing up disagreements about the singer’s properties, the DNA saga, and other matters.

Conversely, Wunmi has revealed in court the origins of her conflict with her father-in-law.


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Between Mohbad’s father and wife, what actually happened?

Gistlover, a popular gossip website, added some spice to the ongoing drama between Mohbad’s father and wife by releasing an old video. Both of them looked great in it, wearing elegant white church clothes, and the picture painted a heartwarming portrait of their former cozy relationship.

After watching the video and learning about Mohbad’s father and wife’s problems, Gistlover and a few Nigerians couldn’t help but wonder why their relationship ended badly.

In a recent coroner’s court testimony, Mohbad’s father claimed that the late singer’s wife had an affair with a different Marlian signee.

Mr. Joseph Aloba also asserted that the deceased informed him about Wunmi putting sleeping pills in his food. In multiple interviews, the late singer’s dad insisted on conducting a DNA test on his grandson, Liam Light, to confirm paternity.

However, Wunmi testified in court that she and her father-in-law had problems after she gave birth to her son Liam, and that she and Mohbad had refused to give Joseph the baby’s placenta.

She disclosed that Mohbad had made the decision not to give him the placenta, and that she had supported him as his wife.

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