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Staurt Seldowitz arrested for hate crimes.

Stuart Seldowitz arrested for harassing a Muslim vendor

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has detained Stuart Seldowitz, a former advisor to former US President Barack Obama, on suspicion of hate crimes, stalking, and severe harassment.

After being caught on camera expressing anti-Islamic sentiments at a New York City halal food vendor, Seldowitz was the deputy director of the US State Department’s Office of Israel and Palestinian issues.

Stuart Seldowitz expressed unsettling opinions regarding the deaths of Palestinian children in Gaza in the video, which quickly gained widespread popularity.

“If we killed 4000 Palestinian children it wasn’t enough” – Stuart Seldowitz

Given his past high-ranking position in the Obama Administration, the act is especially reprehensible. The 24-year-old seller had been the target of Seldowitz’s harassment for weeks, and further recordings of him saying disparaging things had surfaced.

Ex-Obama adviser Stuart Seldowitz arrested after Islamophobic rant
The former State Department official was filmed harassing a Muslim street vendor in New York, saying more Palestinian children should be killed in Gaza.

“A 24-year-old male victim stated to police that an individual approached him at his work place multiple times and made anti-Islamic statements multiple times on different dates causing the victim to feel afraid and annoyed,” police said.


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Is this Harassment or confrontation?

Video went viral this month of multiple arguments over Israel’s war on Gaza between Seldowitz and an Egyptian man working in a halal cart in Manhattan.

“If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, it wasn’t enough,” Seldowitz says in one exchange captured on video and posted on the social media platform X.

The vendor is seen telling Seldowitz to “go, go, go, go” and “I won’t hear it”. Seldowitz then responds: “But you’re a terrorist. You support terrorism.”

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