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Mohbad's father warns against burying Mohbad without his consent. Says DNA is necessary

Mohbad’s father – “Nobody should bury my son. DNA is a must

In response to Tonto Dikeh’s demand, Mr. Aloba said, “Nobody should take my son’s body without my consent; DNA is a must,” Mohbad’s father (VIDEO)

The police unearthed Mohbad’s bones for an autopsy in an effort to shed light on the case and bring Mohbad justice. After a tense wait, Tonto Dikeh pressed for the body’s release so that a burial could take place. But before providing permission, the late singer’s father slammed the brakes, demanding that justice be served first and that his grandson undergo a DNA test. He also issued a warning against taking any unapproved activities.

The father of the late Nigerian musician Mohbad, Mr. Joseph Aloba, has reaffirmed his position over a recent development in his son’s case.

Mohbad’s father warns that DNA is a must

Mr. Aloba took to the online realm with a new video, responding to appeals from actress Tonto Dikeh and others who sought the release of Mohbad’s body for burial.
With firm resolve, the grieving father emphasized that no one should dare carry his son’s corpse without obtaining his explicit authorization.

The father of late Nigerian musician Oladimeji Aloba, also referred to as Mohbad, Joseph Aloba, has reacted to calls for his son’s body to be returned so that he can be buried.

Remember that Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood actress, had earlier called for the Nigerian police to release Mohbad’s body so that it could be buried properly on social media.


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After Tonto and others made an online appeal, Mohbad’s father quickly opposed them on social media and vehemently disagreed with their suggested plans.

Mr. Aloba persisted in his position, emphasizing that a reburial would merely make the problem go away and threaten the ongoing struggle for justice for Mohbad.

The elderly man underscored the importance of conducting a DNA test on Mohbad’s son, Liam, before contemplating the reburial of his remains.

In his words:

“I heard some people want to go and carry Mohbad’s body. When this boy was alive, he was my son and even after death, he is still my son. Nobody should go and take his body. If anything must be done, I will be the one to authorize it.

We are seeking Justice for Mohbad and you people are talking of burial. What remains after burial? Let Justice take place first and DNA is very necessary please.”


On September 12, 2023, Mohbad passed away in questionable circumstances. The next day, he was buried.

The public uproar for a thorough investigation of his abrupt demise led to the exhumation of his body for autopsy approximately one week later.

Following the autopsy, the police placed his body in the morgue.

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