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Davido is upholding A.W.A.Y festival for African culture

Davido – My goal is to organize an African culture festival

My goal is to organize an African culture festival, Davido

Leading an event unlike any other is Davido’s mission to make a lasting impression (A.W.A.Y).

According to Davido, the goal of this project is to provide an enthralling platform where people from all over the world may experience the music and artistic talent that Africa has to offer in one place.

Additionally, he views the A.W.A.Y festival as a venue for showcasing African culture around the world.

Popular Nigerian Afrobeat musician Davido is working to realize a revolutionary idea.

Davido is passionate about showcasing the vibrancy and richness of African culture, and he plans to create an incredible event that will bring people from all walks of life together while also celebrating the continent’s unique traditions and in a grand cultural extravaganza.


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Davido spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about his plans for the Are We African Yet? (A.W.A.Y) festival. According to the afrobeat singer, his dream is to plan an annual festival that will spread awareness of African culture around the world.

Davido hopes to start something for the African culture and African people and Afrobeats

Davido claims he wants to give African musicians a platform to play and engage with global followers. Furthermore, he sees the A.W.A.Y festival as a tool for manipulating the narrative and advancing African culture globally.

“So years ago it was the other way around where it’s like the same way we have people coming to Africa, which we love, investing, bringing their own culture over there. Having festivals, in the same way, we should do the same over here. And that’s why I’m having this festival that’s going to be coming every year-

I want to give [different artists] the opportunity to come every year, different times to come and perform. Because they have fans here and they don’t know. Because internet, all you have to do is just drop a song out on TikTok and it’s gone. Somebody a billion miles away, it could be their best song and you wouldn’t even know.

I feel like we have to own our culture too. We can’t wait for somebody to bring the idea and be like, “Yo, Afrobeats is growing.” Let’s go register for African Coachella or something like that. I’m like, “No, we got to do this ourselves because this is ours. So we got to own it.” Down the line if somebody wants to partner…

But the vision I have, I’m talking 10 years, 20 years down the line. The vision I have is to create it to be something that is for the culture, not particularly mine. I might be behind it, producing it, All of that. But it’s something I’m doing for the culture, which Atlanta definitely is going to have the first couple, but we’ve spoken about definitely moving it around because we are everywhere. So definitely I can see maybe LA. I can see Toronto, definitely. So we’re definitely going to move it around.” he said

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