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Blessing CEO and Phyna. Phyna drags Blessing for calling Benin women Asewo

Phyna has joined other Benin women to fight Blessing CEO

Phyna criticizes the Blessing CEO for making an “insensitive” remark about women from Edo.
Phyna wants an apology from Blessing CEO for calling all women in Benin “ashawo.”

Phyna has requested an unconditional apology from Blessing CEO for referring to women in Benin as prostitutes.

According to Blessing, it’s uncommon to come across a respectable Beninian girl because they will inevitably begin prostitution at a young age.

The remark offended Phyna, who is from Edo State, and she insulted Blessing.

The winner of Big Brother Naija, Phyna, has criticized relationship guru and socialite Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, for her remarks that many Benin women are prostitutes, calling her “insensitive.”

Blessing CEO said as much on Thursday in a live Instagram broadcast.


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Phyna stated in parts

“It’s very rare before you see a very decent girl wey mama train, once you are 14 or 16 years in Benin your mama don send you go Libya go start ashawo for Benin. wetin dem carry know Benin people na ashawo, I am not lying that is the truth. If you go to Italy, Europe na Benin full there.”

Reacting to her statement moments ago, Phyna who hails from Edo State blasted Blessing CEO and demanded an apology for her statement. She wrote on X:

“Blessingceo I nor say make you nor talk oh or chase your clout as usual but I take God beg nor think say you get gbana for head con carry am play come Benin people side… how you go open your yeye mouth say all women for Benin na Ashawo!!!

“Say no responsible mama, Omo e be like say you don match line o where you think say your madness stop na there another person own start…Abi you smoke wrong blunt? Wetin dy work you.”

Her response was however met with criticism as X users dug up a statement Phyna made in October saying that all women have committed abortion.

Defending herself, Phyna said Blessing must apologise for her statement. She added:

“Key words to the hypocrites crying in my comment section.

“She said there’s no Responsible mother in Benin…. That’s her also calling my mom and all other moms irresponsible in my Tribe.

“She said all the women including mothers are ashawo and can rarely raise a child responsibly hereby calling almost all Edo/Benin borns irresponsible.

“BLESSING CEO don match line and she has to apologise ASAP. Hypocrites keep crying.”

See one of Blessing’s video here.

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