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Rema, from his 02 arena show in London

Rema’s performance at 02 arena called satanic and scary

“Satanism on display” – Rema’s O2 Arena concert sparks mixed reactions from attendees [VIDEO]

Fans call out Rema over “traumatizing satanist concert”

Rema has drawn criticism from admirers for what some have called a “satanist concert.”
Since then, footage from the event has gone viral on social media, with many people criticizing the artist.
Rema has remained mute, but some of his supporters have clarified that he is merely endorsing Edo culture, which is unrelated to satanism.
Divine Ikubor, better known by his stage as Rema, has caused a stir of controversy following his performance at London’s O2 Arena.

Although fans praised Rema’s performance, the occasion is undoubtedly a turning point in his career, and the singer also stirred up controversy at the same time. A big number of fans had a terrific day, yet several left feeling anxious and worried.

A fan’s reaction gained particular attention when she posted about her horrific experience on TikTok. Her video which went viral online right after, describes the distress she felt at the event because of what she saw as “Satanist and devilish symbols.” This fan was so uncomfortable that she had to leave the event early, citing the venue’s overpowering and disturbing vibe.

Following the concert, several attendees had similar views, calling certain aspects of the performance “bizarre” and “weird,” including the usage of images that some saw as sinister or Satanic.

Rema’s performance at 02 arena London called satanic

Fans and reviewers are now debating Rema’s artistic goals and the significance of using such material in performances.


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Recall that Rema honored Burna Boy, who first invited him to the O2 Arena in 2021. He expressed his gratitude and respect for Burna Boy, during a heartfelt moment during the performance.

Rema’s private life has also been in the public eye. The recent sighting of him and Justin Skye together at her birthday celebration sparked speculation about a potential romantic relationship. Many people now think there’s more to their story despite the initial notion that they were just friends because of their close relationship.

The debate around Rema’s alleged use of “satanic symbols” is not brand-new. His record cover, which featured an inverted cross and a burning church, raised concerns, leading to the cancellation of a show in Ethiopia. The album’s atmosphere and possible associations with Satanism alarmed the Ethiopian authorities.

Although Rema had previously denied any connections to Satanism, the public is now interested in these fresh concerns that have emerged from his London performance and about his response. 

See video and some reactions below.

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