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Daddy Freeze sends a warning to VeryDarkMan in a viral video

“By the time three people sue you and win, nobody will take you serious again” – Daddy Freeze issues warning to VeryDarkMan

The contentious former radio host Daddy Freeze takes a break from his hectic schedule to caution social media commentator VeryDarkMan about the direction he is going.

He stepped into the space that the VeryDarkMan created for himself by calling individuals out on a recent episode of the OAP show.

Daddy Freeze related how, in the past, he followed a similar course until meeting his Waterloo—he was sued and ultimately lost the case in court.

Freeze revealed, without naming the person, that if the well-known social critic persisted on his path and was sued, he would quickly lose his reputation.

However, he made it clear that his goal is only to advise VeryDarkMan and that he is not intending to drag or condemn him.


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In his words, “I just need him to understand the terrain is getting into and I’ve done this same thing he did. I have been sued before; so you’ve got to be very careful when criticizing people.

“That’s why I was warning him and he thought I was trolling him. Brother, don’t set yourself up. You have a fanbase of people who believe that you are factual. By the time three people arrest you, sue you, win you, and make you apologise, nobody will take you seriously again.”

Daddy Freeze to VDM.

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