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Underwater Volcano Erupts in Japan Creating a New Island

An underwater volcano erupts in Japan, creating a new island, but experts caution that it might not stay long.

An underwater volcano erupted, giving birth to a new island off the coast of Iwo Jima, Japan. To estimate its duration, experts examine the island’s makeup.

Three weeks ago, an underwater volcano off the southern shore of Iwo Jima erupted, creating a new island. It was an incredible event.

Although this occurrence is breathtaking, researchers warn that the newly discovered island might not persist for long.

On October 21, the nameless underwater volcano erupted 1,200 kilometers south of Tokyo and around 1 kilometer off the shore of Iwo Jima, also known as Ioto in Japan.

Volcanic ash and pebbles accumulated on the shallow seabed in ten days, creating an island that surfaced below the water.


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According to Yuji Usui of the volcanic division of the Japan Meteorological Agency, by early November, it measured around 100 meters in diameter and had risen to a height of 20 meters above sea level.

Although there have been two recent reports of similar underwater volcano eruptions, the formation of a separate landmass is an uncommon occurrence.

Because of its delicate composition—which Usui called “crumbly”—it is prone to damage by sea waves. To ascertain the precise composition of the deposits, scientists are examining them as part of ongoing investigation.

If the island is made of harder materials, like lava, rather than more easily weathered volcanic rocks, like pumice, it might still be able to endure for a longer amount of time.

The Japan Meteorological Agency estimates that of the approximately 1,500 active volcanoes worldwide, 111 are located in Japan. It is located in what is known as the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a 40,000-kilometer network of volcanoes and seismically active areas that is the epicenter of most volcanic and seismic activity on Earth.

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