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Video: Tiv men do not give their wives out to visitors – Venita’s ex-husband

I did not give her out to guests in our home – BBNaija Venita’s ex-husband speaks on behalf of Tiv men

He emphasized that TIV men don’t behave in this way.

Terna Tarka, the ex-husband of Big Brother Naija contestant Venita Akpofure, has come up to refute her disparaging remarks about TIV men made in the house, claiming that TIV men entertain their visitors by giving their women to them.

On Wednesday, October 25, 2023, her ex-husband addressed the world about the situation in a video that was posted to his Instagram profile. He addressed the narrative head-on, speaking for all TIV men. Then, Tarka emphasized that at no time during their marriage did he ever give Venita away to their visitors for any kind of pleasure.

He said, “I am here to address a very controversial narrative making rounds on social media. This is regarding a statement saying that when TIV men house guests, they give their wives out to these men for pleasure. Speaking as a proud TIV man who was born into one of the most prominent families.

“I would like to categorically state that in all my years of hosting my guests, even the thought of such a derogatory practice has never crossed my mind. So, therefore, such a thing never occurred in my marriage. I speak on behalf of all TIV men when I say that such a practice does not happen.”


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Venita, however, publicly apologized for the incident concerning TIV men following her Big Brother Naija All Stars season elimination. Following the criticism she faced for her remarks, particularly from the leading Tiv socio-cultural organization, she issued an apology. At the time, Hon. Dickson Tarkighir, the member of the House of Representatives for the Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency of Benue State, had vowed to sue the reality TV star.

Due to the fact that Venita previously issued an apology for her remarks a month ago, her ex-husband has encountered criticism on social media, with numerous people labelling him as a clout chaser for bringing it up.

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