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Chef Dammy – Church member dares her to provide evidence

Nigerians reacted with hope that this was not a calculated move to gain influence, as a Church member came out to support the pastor and criticize Chef Dammy.

He said that Chef Dammy needs to present proof and that all she is stating is untrue.

The accusations made in a video that is making the rounds on social media have people’s tongues buzzing.

Additionally, in the aforementioned video, a young man asserts that Chef Dammy is lying about his pastor and demands evidence of her threats.

This comes after Chef Dammy alleged on social media that well-known “people of God” had intimidated and harassed him.

She had taken to her Instagram page to write, “I’ll be having an interview in Lagos soon. And I’m ready to let everything out once I get back. But in case anything happens to me; Adegoke Jeremiah A.K.A Billion Dollars Prophet, hold him responsible, he told me to prepare for war and we are both on it.”


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In a video, the pastor’s church member has now publicly criticized the cook, claiming that the ministry no longer recognizes her and that she is limited to working inside “Spirit word.”

Video made by a church member, defaming Chef Dammy

“How can you say that somebody you haven’t spoken to in over four months is threatening your life?” he asked as well.

Here are a few responses from those who believe they are attempting to resurrect their trend, according to some internet users:

He’s on a club jersey, he must be the defender of the team.

I might be wrong, but this guy sounds like he is lying and has things to hide.

Them don recruit this one to work against truth. How do you know it’s a lie when you haven’t seen the evidence

Don’t be surprised if this is a planned stuff to chase clout. Make them trend again

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