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King Charles III Sends A Message To Harry See Speech

Prince Harry gets a message from King Charles saying, “Don’t come demanding that we still apologize to Meghan years later.”

Discover the possible message that King Charles III was trying to convey to the Duke of Sussex during his address.

Even though Prince Harry and King Charles don’t get along these days, some royal observers think that during a recent address, the monarch was referring to his youngest son.

In honor of their coronation, King Charles and Queen Camilla (formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles) attended a luncheon and event at Mansion House in London on October 18. It was there that Charles made a speech that many have taken to mean a message regarding the apology Harry claim that the King owe he and his wife Meghan Markle

See what King Charles said in his speech

Meghan Markle, King Charles III, and Prince Harry

During their World Mental Health Day event in Manhattan, a week prior, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex discussed online safety. King Charles then made a speech imploring people to rise above the “rancor and acrimony” of online arguments.


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The king said: “Have we succeeded in equal measure in schooling ourselves, and our communities, in the importance of our responsibilities towards one another? Do we pause, instinctively and unerringly, before speaking or acting to ensure we are affording equal weight to both sides of the balance? Our society would be a kinder and gentler place for it.

“The instinct to cooperate wherever and whenever possible is deep within us. Even in the most fractious times — when disagreements are polished, paraded, and asserted — there is in our land a kind of muscle memory that it does not have to be like this. That the temptation to turn ourselves into a shouting or recriminatory society must be resisted, or at least heavily mitigated whenever possible, especially in the digital sphere where civilized debate too often gives way to rancor and acrimony.”

He continued: “These instincts come together in perhaps the deepest of all our reservoirs — the one that irrigates our crucial sense of responsibility, both individual and collective — that enables us to fulfill our duties as good citizens who understand, without having to write down or formalize them, the decencies on which our institutions and our constitution depend, as well as our relationships, one to another.”

Watch the kinds speech

King Charles gives cryptic speech

Angela Levin, who wrote the Duke of Sussex’s biography titled Harry: Conversations with the Prince, pointed out how some of the king’s remarks are likely a message to his youngest son and daughter-in-law.

“There’s a bit here that is just about Harry and Meghan,” the author opined during an appearance on GB News. “I’ll just read these lines, ‘Do we pause instinctively and unerringly before speaking or acting to ensure we are affording equal weight to both sides of the balance? Our society would be a kinder and gentler place for it.’ I think it’s quite interesting because it’s a message to Harry — ‘Don’t come in and start shouting at me and demanding that years later we still apologize to Meghan.’”

Levin added: “I can pick up on things where there’s something written between the lines, and I think this is something that’s written between the lines, ‘Be calm, don’t shout, don’t nag, don’t demand, but let’s sort of start— let’s try and keep things equal.’ I don’t think Harry would take the slightest bit of notice of it, unfortunately.”

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