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Portable threatens to beat up show promoter in Italy

“I will beat your father because I’m a street kid in Lagos.” Conflict between Portable and a show promoter causes a scene in Italy (Video)

“I will beat your father because I’m a street kid in Lagos.” Conflict between Portable and a show promoter causes a scene in Italy (Video)

Habeeb Okikiola, often known as Portable, is a popular street performer in Nigeria. This time, though, the singer has transported his dramatic image outside of Nigeria.

Following a snub from a concert organizer, the controversial musician made a disturbance on the streets of Italy in a video that has gone viral online.

Zazuu crooner accused the show promoter of forcefully taking away the money sprayed on him during the event.

The Show promoter let Portable know that the cash guests spat on the stage belonged to him in the viral video, which showed him pacing around.


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Because of his comment, Portable became enraged and tried to attack the man. Fortunately for the gig producer, he was driving when Portable smacked his car with his leg as he sped out from the incident.

“Useless human being,” stated Portable in the video. This useless dude didn’t transport me and all the money that Dem sprayed me for that location.

I’m a street boy in Lagos. Portable tells promoter

He added, “Me I go beat you for here, me I be street boy for Lagos. I go beat your father nothing go happen”.

Many people expressed their sympathy for the performer in the comment area.

“He was actually going to leave until you stood by the wrong you did to him,” One Top Star Photography commented.

They always reap him because he doesn’t have a carriage, one I Am Fnc wrote. Sadly, he lacks the education necessary to comprehend that you should act in a way that is consistent with the treatment you would like to receive. He too has an open mouth, which is why people always reap him. Finish dey reason am, then na see

“I love when people stand up for themselves,” one Chyddo wrote. Some people merely sob when they are cheated, made to feel bad about themselves, or are assaulted.

To avoid this type of controversy because they keep doing this to him and, to be honest, it’s not fair, one Miz Vins commented, “I think he should always carry someone specifically in charge of picking his money whenever he’s going for a show.”

The singer has already caused a ruckus at a performance.

At a gathering in Shagamu at the beginning of the year, Portable had sobbed after being doused with counterfeit money.

The contentious artist used his Instagram page to display the bogus bills that were thrown at him while hurling harsh words at them.

Despite being asked to perform for them, he voiced disappointment at the rude conduct.

Additionally, last year, Portable caused a commotion after his Range Rover got vandalized in Ijegun

When he discovered that his Range Rover had been destroyed by thugs, he had just finished giving a performance in Ijegun, Lagos State.

The musician almost lost his mind as he made a disturbance at the event to let off steam.

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