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“Naira Marley is innocent, Zlatan and Davido knows the truth”

No evidence of them bullying Mohbad, Naira Marley’s lawyer who also defended Sam Larry and named Zlatan and Davido. Says client Naira Marley is innocent

As soon as Naira Marley’s attorney arrived, the story surrounding Mohbad’s tragic death became more complicated. Before his untimely death, he fiercely defended his client and close friend Sam Larry against accusations that he had bullied Mohbad. He hinted that Davido and Zlatan Ibile could be able to shed light on the alleged bullying in an unexpected turn, further confounding the story as it developed.

In the tumultuous debate surrounding Mohbad’s passing, the lawyer defending rapper Naira Marley has stepped forward to defend his client from a torrent of allegations.

The attorney recently spoke candidly about the case and backed Sammy Larry, a crucial figure  and right-hand man of Naira Marley.

In an effort to spice up his analysis of Mohbad’s tragic departure, he even included Zlatan Ibile and Davido.

In the Mohbad’s demise case, the defense attorney for Abdulazeez Afolabi, also known as Naira Marley, has entered the fray to vehemently assert his client’s innocence.


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Lawyer defends Naira Marley

He asserts with assurance that there is not a scrap of proof to back up the claims that his client killed or harmed the late musician prior to his tragic passing.

Following Mohbad’s passing, there was a flurry of speculative accusations, with many Nigerians blaming Naira Marley and his friend Sam Larry of being involved in the circumstances surrounding the young singer’s death.

Naira Marley, who was most recently held in police custody alongside Sam Larry, has made a number of declarations denying any connection or accountability for Mohbad’s killing.

In response, Naira Marley’s legal counsel stayed firm in a recent confrontation with media personality Daddy Freeze, saying that no matter how hard someone looks, they won’t discover a smoking gun to link the Rapper to his former protege, Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad’s unfortunate demise.

He maintained that anyone looking for evidence connecting Naira Marley to any alleged bullying of Mohbad would find nothing if they dug deep and turned over every stone.

He said: “As for Naira Marley, I believe very strongly that no matter how hard you look, you will not find a single incident where Naira Marley bullied him”

SamLarry, a close friend of Naira Marley who is accused of mistreating Mohbad throughout his life, was also defended by the attorney.

Sam Larry and Mohbad even ate Amala

In his statement, he firmly asserted that the viral video, which shows SamLarry and Mohbad arguing while filming a music video, only gives part of the story. He asserted that there is a longer version of the film that features the three of them later on eating Amala together.

The lawyer avoided talking about Zlatan, implying he doesn’t want to reveal anything but is hoping the singer will speak up and clarify what really happened that day. He made a suggestion that he knew what Zlatan told Davido and others about what happened on that fateful day.

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Video credit: Daddy Freeze

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