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Omah Lay said people are already moving on after Mohbad’s death.

  • He serves as a reminder to individuals that life is brief and they should pursue their happiness.
  • Omah Lay, a prominent stage name of Nigerian singer Stanley Omah Didia, encourages individuals to live their life according to their own terms because after death, people tend to move on.

During his discussion with Adesope Olajide on the Afrobeats Podcast, the singer made this claim. There, he conveyed his regret about the gradual return to normalcy since Mohbad’s passing. He then took the opportunity to urge people to lead fulfilling lives.

Lay added that he had just learned about the Mohbad’s dying and the tragic news caused him to shed a few tears, particularly because he had seen him as family 

Part of the interview

Omah Lay’s interview

He said, “I’m gonna use this chance to say this you have to live your life. If you’re watching this right now you have to know that you have to live your life. Look Mohbad just passed and it broke me down so much, everybody is moving on. I’m so sad cuz I just heard the news, he was my boy like my family. So rest in peace man.”

Lay went on to say that happiness should come first since after grief, people eventually move on. Nowadays, people just spend a brief period of time on social media before moving on with their life.

“And at the same time, you go on Instagram and see everybody vibing and everybody is in the club. You have to live your life you have to live your life you have to do, so what pleases you you have to be in your 24/7. Don’t let anybody kill that for you cuz as soon as you’re done all anybody can do is write RIP on their stories or their feed and that’s done.” He added


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